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Great lab software for emerging markets

~2 million COVID-19 RT-PCR tests in 6 months
>10x increase in operational efficiencies
+99.99% accuracy
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Who would have thought that a lab atop a mountain could be automated and digitized?

Jo Cabato
Lab Owner, Northcross Laboratories
Dashlabs.ai is trusted by the best names in health, governance, and industry.

What do we do?

Dashlabs.ai makes DIY lab software.

We give diagnostic labs the tools to test, register, and manage patients—all on one easy, integrated platform. In particular, we focus on small to medium sized labs in emerging markets like the Philippines.

A New Look at Diagnostics

At Dashlabs.ai, we believe that access to quality diagnostics, and thus, access to quality healthcare, is a human right.

By giving labs an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy integrated system with no heavy upfront costs, we're making the world a better, healthier place—one lab at a time.

Your Lab, Your Choice

Dashlabs.ai firmly believes in making lab software tailored to your needs. You are afforded full customization and personalization options for your LIS/LIMS requirements.

We provide the core platform and alignment towards global and local standards. You tell us what you need, and we deliver.

What's in it for me?

Great lab software benefits everyone.


If your lab uses Dashlabs.ai, you can track your test results in real time. You'll know exactly when to expect to get results and your test certificate—all online! No need for paper, and no need to commute!

Get in touch with us to recommend your lab or healthcare institution.

Labs and Healthcare Pros

Say goodbye to manually checking emails, messages, and paper forms. With Dashlabs.ai, everything is integrated in a single platform, and lab work can be validated by the Dashlabs.ai Smart Recommender Agent* in just one click.

Get in touch with us to onboard your institution on Dashlabs.ai!

* Currently available for COVID-19 RT-PCR.
Coming soon for other tests.

Businesses and Organizations

Management of finances and benefits is integrated in the Dashlabs.ai platform. Seamless FinTech is also native. Using predictive analytics, you can forecast budgets while managing your stakeholders all in the same place.

Get in touch with us to manage your organization's healthcare.

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